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Saturday, January 16, 2021

What access does our new user have now?

 Yesterday we granted access to our Azure Function to our new user.  Now let's log into the Azure Portal using it and see what we have available.  Go to and enter your username and click <next>

Enter your password and click <sign in>
Enter your code and click <verify>
Click <yes>
Close the recommendations and let's see what we have access to
Click on the hamburger in the top left and then <all resources>
And then unfortunately we don't see anything except a note saying that we don't have a subscription
We are going to have to add access to our subscription.  I tried adding it by opening up the subscriptions page by typing subscriptions in the search bar at the top and clicking on <subscriptions>
And then clicking <+ add> 
But all that did was give me a page where I could purchase a new one or start a free trial.

It looks like we will need to grant access from the subscription to our user.  Granting rights to the Azure Function didn't give us rights to view or edit the resource.  That sounds like something we will have to figure out tomorrow.