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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How the Directory you are in impacts your permissions

 (Note: I actually finished this article on the 21st and back posted it to the 20th so that I could have a post a day.)

When we moved our subscription to a new directory, we altered the permissions for all of the resources associated with the subscription.  Let's see what that looks like.  Log into the Portal and make sure that you are in your Default Directory by clicking in the top right and choosing <switch directory> on the context menu

Then choose the Default Directory
Notice how your home screen now is topped with a Welcome To Azure! section offering you ways to get a subscription.  Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a Recent resources section that should have the Azure Function we created earlier.  Click on it
Note that even though we accessed it in this directory with this user last week, now we are denied
Change Directories to the one we created by clicking on your name in the top right and choosing <switch directory>
and clicking on it
Notice that there are not a Recent resource section because we are in a different context and we haven't used any resources here.  Now click on <all resources>
Click on your Azure Function
And notice that you can now access it
That's all for now.  Next time we will create a new email address and see if we can grant it rights.