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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Azure Free Stuff

Ok, yesterday we created our new (free! encrypted!) email account and set up two-factor authentication (2FA).  Today let's get some free cloud resources.  All of the major cloud vendors have a free tier that you can use to get started.  Most just require an email address, which we now have.  I am going to start with Microsoft Azure:

1) Browse to and click on <create one>:

2) Type in your email address and click <next>:

3) Enter your new password and click <next>:

4) Enter your country and birthday and click <next>

5) Check your email and enter the code and click <next>

6) Prove your humanity

7) And you are done (almost)!

The final thing we need to do is turn 2FA on for our new Microsoft account.
1) Browse to and click on <two-step verification>
2) Verify your identity with another code sent to your email and click <verify>
3) Microsoft has a very good authentication application that you can install, but I am clicking <no thanks>
4) Click on <manage>
5) Click <next>
6) I am going to use Authy again, so I click <set up a different authenticator app>
7) As before, scan the QR code, enter the code displayed, and click <next>
8) Save your recovery code and done!

Tomorrow we will see what we have access to and see if there is anything we can do and learn.

Here are a list of cloud vendors and their free tiers:

Microsoft Azure:

Amazon AWS:

Google GCP:


Alibaba Cloud:

Digital Ocean: