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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Our first GitHub repository

 Creating a Git repository through the website is super simple.  For the first one, if you are still logged in from yesterday there is a button on the home page you click <create a repository>

If you have to log back in, there is still a button on the home page to click <create a repository>
Next you just give it a name, set it to private, and click <create repository>
To become familiar with Git commands, the best place to start is the GitHub Hello World guide.  I will talk through all of the commands and steps I use, but if you want to know more you should walk through the tutorial.  For now, we are going to follow our theme of minimal tooling and just create a new file by clicking <creating a new file>
We then give it a name, like index.html and type in our code.  For mine, I added
<html><body><h1>hello world</h1><br/>from the index page</body><html>
Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and we will commit our changes by clicking on <commit new file>
At this point, your file has been added to the main branch and shows up in the file list
For now, we only have one branch and it is fine.  Later, we are going to talk more about branches and how they are useful.  For now, we have a file that we need to get into our storage account.  Setting it up so that it gets uploaded automatically will be our next task.