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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Assigning rights to an external user

 First, let's create another user account.  We will start with another email address.  Let's try this time.  They also provide a free and secure email address.  Go to their site and click <free sign up>

Enter your information and click <register>

Note that this is a completely different process than had.  We are asked to provide a current email address that they will send a confirmation email.  We are definitely not still in the from nothing with nothing area.
This is because their design and service are to promote privacy, not anonymity.  When you get the email, click on the link
and you are taken to a login page where you enter your username and hit <enter>
and then your username and password to log in.  You then are asked to create your email address.  Click on <choose your email address>

Choose your email address from the list and click on <create>
And you are done, you have a new address.  Log back into the portal using your original account and click on your Azure Function in the Recent resources
Click on <access control (iam)>
Click on <+add> and <add role assignment>
Choose Contributor and type in the email address in the Select box.  Then click on the address below and click <save>
At that point, an email will be sent to the address inviting the user to access the resource.  If you click on the bell in the top bar you can see the notifications and it includes the initiation link.
Next time, we will go through the invitation process and see what access as a guest looks like.