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Friday, January 1, 2021

Starting the new year with a new email address

I am going to start a new project in this new year and for that I want a new email address.  I am going to try and bootstrap this project starting from scratch as far as resources go.  The one thing that I am going to allow myself is a browser and internet.  Well, and an android phone because I really can't see starting out the new year without two factor authentication.  OK, off we go.  To begin with, there are many different places to get email.  I am going to start with ProtonMail because they have a free tier and the email is encrypted:

1) Browse to

2) Click <sign up> in the top right:

3) Choose the Free Tier

4) Click the <select free plan> button in the bottom right

5) Enter your new email address, set your password, and click on <create account> in the bottom right

6) Because I am climbing out on a branch and cutting it off behind myself I am not going to add a recovery email address.  Therefore I will be unable to read my mail if I lose my password, and that requires a confirmation:

7) Prove your humanity and click the <complete setup> button at the bottom:

OK!  Now we have a new email address, but I demand two-factor authentication!  (and you should too)  That is easy as well:

1) Click <settings> in the top middle, <security> on the left menu, and <enable two-factor authentication> at the top

2) Click <next> in the wizard

3) Open up your two-factor application on your phone (I am using Authy for this) and scan the QR code and click <next>

4) Type in your current password and the authentication code generated by your app and click <submit>:

5) Save your two-factor recovery codes somewhere safe and you are done!

Email is a good start, but next time let's get some cloud resources to play with.
(I actually created this post on 1/2/2021, but I back dated it so that I can have one post every day this year.)