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Friday, January 22, 2021

Logging in with our external user

Ok, we created our new email address and assigned it access to the resource.  Now we need to log into the email account and accept the access and see how it looks.

Log in my typing in your user name and password and clicking <enter>

Click on the mailbox icon in the top and on the email from Microsoft and click <accept invitation> in the mail body
This will open a new window where you will be asked to create a Microsoft identity for your new email address.  It will already have your email address, it will just ask you to add a password and click <next>
As an aside, I was surprised to see that the password has a maximum limit that I hit with my head.  If you don't hit this then you aren't trying hard enough on your passwords!
Once we create our account, we are emailed a verification code that we will need to enter and then click <finish>
The verification code comes in an email and is a one time use
Click <no> on the stay signed in 
Click the <accept> the permission notification
Then we start the MFA dance because our Azure Directory requires it.  Click <next>
Note, this is only enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on the Microsoft Identity portion of our new email address.  It doesn't keep our base email secure, and security is a chain where the weakest link exposes everything.  Ok, click on <i want to use a different authenticator app> 
Click <next>
Scan your QR code in Authy and click <next>
Enter the authentication code listed on Authy for the new account and click <next> (missing image)
Click on <done>
Enter your code and then click <verify>
Click <no> on the Stay signed in? screen
Decline the tour by clicking <maybe later>
Click on the hamburger in the top left and the <all resources>
But we don't see our resource?
What is going on?  Guess what, a new Azure Directory was created for our new account and we are in it by default.  We just need to change over to the one with the resource.  Click on the silhouette in the top right and <switch directory>
Close the recommendation window by clicking on the X in the top right
Then use the hamburger to get to <all resources> or just click it on the screen
And there is the Azure Function!
That was a long walk to get there, but next time we will see what a contributor has rights to do.

(This was created on 1-24 and back dated.  I have been working long weekends and getting behind.)