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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Snapshots of Azure VMs

So we are using AutoSPInsaller to provision SharePoint in an Azure based lab and it is taking several iterations to get it to our version of 'right' so we were looking for a way to pull a snapshot of a VM.  there are a lot of steps that are still manual, so it I nontrivial to get to the state we want it in to run AutoSPInstaller.  however, there doesn't appear to be a quick snapshot mechanism.  The closest thing is to Save a VM Image which looks something like this:

Save-AzureVMImage -ServiceName "MasterClass" -Name "MasterClass"
                  -NewImageName "MyAwesomeImage"
                  -NewImageLabel "This is it"

The big drawbacks are that the VM must be off, and it is removed after it is copied.