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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Planning the flow of the Azure Lab creation script

The next thing that I need to do for my lab creation script is to plan out the steps needed.  I will use, as inspiration, a Lab/Whitepaper Tim Radle and I built for building a TFS environment in Azure.  It is all Portal focused rather than scripting focused, but it does contain all of the steps required.  Here is what I believe will be what needs to be done:
  1. Create a private network and affinity group
  2. Create storage account
  3. Create the virtual machines and start them if they don't start automatically
  4. Create the domain and attach each VM to the domain
  5. Script the download and installation of the required components (SQL, SharePoint)
The hardest parts look like #4 and #5, as they require remote scripting into the newly created VMs.  Luckily I found a great article which covers the basics of this: Introduction to Remote PowerShell with Windows Azure.  Now that I have the plan in place I will knock out the steps in order.  Stay tuned!