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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Create an SSL Certificate for a lab server hosting multiple domains

Building a certificate for a lab machine can be a little bit challenging.  The web front end servers tend to have multiple DNS names that they are responsible for, and IIS doesn't like to expose more than one certificate.  Here are the steps to build a certificate that can be used for multiple domain names on Windows Server 2012.
1.       Open a command prompt and type MMC
2.       Click FileAdd/Remove Snap-in…

3.       Choose Certificates in the list of Available snap-ins and click Add

4.       Choose Computer account and click Next

5.       Choose Local computer and then click Finish and Ok

6.       Open the Certificates node and right click on Personal and choose All Tasks and Request New Certificate…

7.       Click Next on the first window and Next on the next window

8.       Choose the Web Server template and then click the More information is required to enroll for this certificate.  Click here to configure Settings. link

9.       On the Subject tab, add in all of the Type information

10.   Then add in all of the Alternative nameType information, including all of the DNS names you want the certificate to cover.

11.   Click OK and Enroll
Your certificate has now been created.  Export it and install it on whichever web front end servers you need to secure.