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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sidebar, weekend plans, soap box rant

So tonight was playing a new XBox One game, tomorrow morning is a run while Schroeder is in Karate followed by a movie and some quality time with Heather and Schroeder.  We will probably play one of our new board games, eat lunch at home, and then take Schroeder out to a birthday party.
I am taking a couple of pluralsight classes, taking three Magenic Masters classes, working on a side Android application, and blogging.  Today I received a promotion to Associate Principal, and I have been with Magenic for a little over two years.
Every once in a while it is good to look at where you are, where you have been, and where you are going.  If you don't have a 1 year, a 3 year, and a 5 year plan then you should sit down and make one now.  If you don't have a destination, then you could be going in circles and never notice.  There are times when the path you are on doesn't lead you to the place you want to be.  The question then becomes: do you like where it is taking you?
The path is more than just your job, it is everything that you are doing.  It is home, job, career, personal, and spiritual.  Ignore one, and the others will suffer.