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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scrivener and Images

Hey all! A quick note on using Scrivener for doing Hands On Labs or other technical documents with tons of screen shots. I really like the way that it allows me to lay out my thoughts easily, but it isn't really built for dealing with tons of images.  It isn't easy, but this tip can help make it a little less painful.  Once you have pasted your screen shot into your document, right click on it and choose Edit Image... from the context menu:
Context menu on an image in Scrivener
Once on the dialog box, set the width and name:
Edit Image dialog box
That way you can resize your images to the same width and keep them consistent within your document without having to try and eyeball the sizes.   I will have to go back through my other HOL and update the images there.

Good coding!