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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Brave - BAT

I have been playing with different cryptocurrencies for a little while, just dabbling. I wasn't in early enough to be a 'BitCoin Millionaire' or anything. Nothing serious, no ream money to be made or lost. I really like Ethereum and have mined a bit. Again, nothing serious. I don't have a dedicated mining rig or anything. The thing that kept me from really digging into the technology was that I was not sure what real problem they were solving. Or perhaps it was just that the problem they were solving wasn't a problem I had. Cash is locally anonymous and I don't feel the need to be anonymous over distances. Then a colleague turned me onto BAT (basic attention token), and I saw something that was solving a problem I had. Or, it was solving a nuisance that I hadn't felt like solving. I regularly use Chrome, but I don't have an add blocker. I want to 'pay my share' for the free content I am viewing but there are sites I avoid because of the pervasive adds. Now there is the Brave browser that allows you to pay for content while also blocking adds and trackers. So, I decided to give it a try. I also signed my blog up to receive tips and tokens. Both of you reading this can now pay me for my awesome content! :-) I will be back to creating content and will keep you updated on this. I am off now to add a tip jar to Ralph and my Cloud Talk Show.