Thursday, July 31, 2014

CDN for Everyone, Except SharePoint

CloudFlare is a great CDN to use for your personal sites.  It helps make your site run faster, and protects you from hacking.  The only problem is that the reverse proxy mucks with SharePoint in a very bad way.  I haven't tracked the issue down, but I have felt the pain.


  1. I've used cloud flare and it's pretty good as for free service. But after using and other paid services i understood that i will not back to free ones. If your project needs CDN try to think about good one, it will improve your site loading speed and seo metrics.

  2. Good point, you generally get what you pay for. :-) I am sure that there are better solutions out there and if this grows beyond the hobby stage I will look into them. For now, I am happy.

  3. Agree, CloudFlare is a must-have for tiny Wordpress installations. Hiding your real server IP is extremely important while running multiple sites.

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