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Saturday, May 26, 2012

WPF Browser Application–Visio Automation 1

Opening existing Visio documents is fun and all, but we need to go a little farther to really start having fun.  Let’s start with the basic setup from the first article.  Build a project, add your controls and references, and then fill in the Page_Loaded method with new code.

1)  Start with creating a new blank document by calling the Add method:


2)  Get a reference to your new document:

Visio.Documents visioDocs =

3)  Open up your stencil library (I am using a custom, remote one, it works similarly with standard, local ones):

Visio.Document visioStencil =

4)  Get a reference to the currently active page:

Visio.Page visioPage =

5)  Choose your shape from the Stencil:

Visio.Master visioShapeMaster = visioStencil.Masters.get_ItemU(@"Cake");

6)  Drop the shape on the page, and get a reference to the new instance:

Visio.Shape visioShape = visioPage.Drop(visioShapeMaster, 4.25, 5.5);

7)  Then finally we add some text to the shape to make it interesting:

visioShape.Text = @"Cake";